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Bet365 Australia InPlay section : a review

19 April 2017
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It is features like In-Play single and multi-Sports bets that make Bet365 in Australia a favorite with players. These features allow players to speed up placing of bets by making a betCall. Calls can also be made to a Bet365 advisor. Players can also consult other Bet365 users with their unique, 13-digit ID number. In-Play bets are made as a game is going on so players can make the most of a wide range of markets via phone, tablet and desktop.

Placing In-Play bets using betCall

This is easily done by selecting your In-Play Sports bets and adding them to the Bet Slip. You then enter the stakes you want to place and click on the ‘Make a betCall' button which you will find below the selections. This will initiate a call to request your bets. A computerized voice will give you a summary of your bets and prompt you to confirm your request. You will then be able to confirm you bets, ask for the summary to be repeated or you can cancel your bets. BetCall is for single as well as multi bets.

bet365 InPlay

You can listen to a playback of them in History by going to History, finding the bet you want to hear and going to the Play Recording link on the Bet Summary. Clicking on this link will start the playback, confirm your request, bet placement and give you a bet reference number. The help of a 365 advisor can be accessed via the ‘Call Now' button. This will initiate a call to one of the advisors who will place the bets you have chosen.

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In play horse race example

Example of In Play game on horse races

Contacting other Bet365 users

This is done via ‘Call Now' button . The link to look for is the Show Features link which is located under the In-Play match header. Clicking on it will present a pop-up and you will be required to put in the betCall ID of the other player you wish to contact. Do so then click on ‘Call User'. This will start the call and a request for the other player to accept the caller will be generated.

Technical specifications

The betCall feature can only be used when the microphone is enabled. For desktops, this feature can be found on all the browsers except Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9. Mobile and tablet users can find this feature on the iOS bet365 App and above. Android 6 and above users can get it on the native browsers. On Android 4 and above, it is on Firefox 24+ and on Chrome 29 and on Android 2.3 and above, it is on the Android bet365 App.

Bet365 Australia In-Play is one of the best and most popular features. In April 2016 the practice was modified; in-Play over the internet was banned but it is still allowed via phone calls or in a retail outlet.