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Betting on soccer : tips and tricks to avoid

25 March 2017
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When it comes to soccer betting, it is important to identify a goal and then make choices that will lead you to achieve it. In most cases, random and uncontrolled betting ends in losses. Here are our best tips for betting on soccer. 

1. Getting Started

The first step is to get started by opening an account. This is fast and easy to do on the intuitive Bet365 website that uses Flash technology rather than HTML. You can also play on the go by downloading the Bet365 app. You can make use of the generous welcome bonuses with either of these options.

When you are set up and ready to play, there are some important factors that you should take into consideration. The first: are you ready to lose the money you are betting? Bet small. Don't bet your rent money; there is a very real chance that you could lose it. The second question you need to answer is how much you are aiming to make. For instance, if you deposit $50 and win $350, you should take out $300 and $50 for the next game.

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Making winning soccer bets

If soccer is your chosen sport, the following tips will help you make winning bets. Knowing what and how to bet increases your chances of winning.

Consider the following before placing a soccer bet:

  • Form of the team

Go over the recent form of the team you are thinking of betting on. Look at who their biggest competition is and team's performance in the last few matches. Go online and read recent match reports and analysis from experts.

  • Home and away match records

Take the time to look at the statistics of a team's home and away matches. There are teams that traditionally play better on home ground and others that do better when they are playing away. It is also important to check if a game is a local derby and a stadium is shared by other teams.

  • Club history

Another thing to look at is the history of the two clubs that are playing. The home and away history is an important factor. You would be surprised to know how history repeats itself year after year in matches when two major clubs met.

  • Changes on the team

Look for changes in the membership of a team too. See if any major players are out because of suspensions, injuries or transfers to other clubs. Look at who the replacements to their positions are and how the new players have performed in the last few matches; have they weakened or strengthened the team?

  • Team spirit

A team will play according to how motivated and confident they feel. This is especially the case then the end of a season is close. Consider whether a team is playing to earn points needed to stay in the league or to qualify for a place in an international league. Teams usually play with very high motivation when this is the goal.

  • Schedule

The schedule of a team is important. A team that has been on a tight schedule with a lot of matches and a lot of travel in between can leave a team tired and compromise their performance. A number of players nursing injuries at the same time is one telling sign; fatigue makes a player more susceptible to injuries and yes, to mistakes that can cost the team a match.

  • Choice of league

When it comes to soccer, it is best to choose and focus on the competitions that you are familiar with in terms of teams and players. For instance, if you are more familiar with the likes of Wayne Rooney and other English football greats, focus on betting on English Premier League. The same goes for Italian, Spanish, German, Champions Leagues and other football leagues. You are more likely to win if you are betting on players and teams that you are familiar with than if you are making random bets.

  • Think quality and quantity

With the familiarity point in mind seek to make quality rather than quantity bets. You don't have to bet every day or on every single match. Rather, bet when you can do so with confidence based on what you know.

  • In-play betting

This is betting as you watch the action unfold or as you keep up with live scores. It does increase your chances of winning as you see the form and performance of a team as a match goes on.

  • Types of bets

There are different types of bets you can make on soccer. They are 1X2 which are fixed odds, Total Goals Over/Under, and Asian Handicap. It is important to understand the potential risk and rewards of each type of bet.


When betting on soccer and sports, it is important to exercise self-control. Make full use of the welcome offers available. Know your limits and stay within them. Don't bet what you cannot afford to lose. Bet with a plan and strategy and you greatly improve your chances of winning.